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Management exclusive properties in Madrid Capital
Quality properties. Service excellence.

Our specialty


Exclusive spaces with character, neat image, available to the choicest demand, which requires exquisite care, discretion, professionalism and excellent knowledge of the current market.

Our commercial bet is the building of large size, located in Building Singular (mostly stately) in the most exclusive areas of Madrid Capital (mainly Barrio de Salamanca-Recoletos, Jeronimos Chamberí-Almagro and Justice).

We select conscientiously properties must comply specific criteria based on:

Since NO marketing standard properties, or work volume, we try our assets with the utmost discretion and professionalism, especially on the internet (not standard products, fully control its publication so they do not depreciate).

Casas Selectas de Madrid dumps all its experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to help you make one of the most emotional decisions of his life: the acquisition of a single housing and enjoyment in Madrid Capital.

Orígenes del Barrio de Jerónimos

Orígenes del Barrio de Almagro

Orígenes del Barrio de Justicia

Orígenes del Barrio de Salamanca Recoletos

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